9 Stages of Marketing a WordPress Website

WordPress Marketing Tips – Make Your Websites Soar

With blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, newsletters, whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing which serve to bring customers in closer to the brand, business owners are able to build their brand and increase visitors to a WordPress website.

In general, there are 9 stages to marketing research success:

Formulating the Marketing Research Problem
Method of Inquiry
Research Method
Research Design
Data Collection Techniques
Sample Design
Data Collection
Analysis and Interpretation
The Marketing Research Report
Market your WordPress site

WordPress websites and blogs have an advantage over websites or blogs that were built using other content management systems (CMS).

SEO Advantages with WordPress:

When planning your next web project, you will most likely be presented with the choice of which content management system to utilize. WordPress is the CMS of choice for professional Internet organizations for many reasons, including an added benefit for search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Adding content to WordPress is easy.

Because SEO is very much dependent on original, quality content, adding posts to your website on a consistent basis is imperative.

The permalinks can be customized.

With WordPress you can add relevant keywords to the URLs for posts and pages, which makes it easy for Google and other search engines to detect those keywords and rank your website for your keywords.

WordPress is open source software. Because WordPress is open source, you can download it for free. This also means that hundreds of thousands of developers and programmers are working on WordPress and therefore, it functions better. Additionally, you will have no problem finding professional themes, plug-ins and extensions to download from trusted sources.

WordPress comes equipped with built-in RSS feeds.

Really simple syndication (RSS) feeds are important for SEO because they allow your valuable content to go to a feed with a link back to your website or blog. Readers can subscribe to your feed so that why will be automatically notified when your company posts new content to your WordPress website.

WordPress has very clean code.

Except for free themes, un-trusted plug-ins and extensions, WordPress code is clean and SEO friendly. Before you download free themes, plug-ins or extensions, remember that hackers utilize free downloads to inject malicious code into sites. If that were to happen, you could get your WordPress website or blog dropped from Google and penalized in search engines.

WordPress Plug-ins are plentiful

You can find a plug-in to do just about anything. The functionality of WordPress is enhanced with plug-ins and you can customize your WordPress install to meet your specific needs.

Get found, convert and analyze

Attract Traffic
Convert visitors to leads then to sales
Turn customers into repeat higher margin customers
Analyze for continuous improvement
Drive-up Sell and Cross-sell Opportunities

Get noticed in potential customers’ inbox
Show your social side
Pimp your product pages
Reach your goal, repeat.
To achieve high rankings in search engines for your specific keywords, there are many strategies which must be adhered to, but in general, if your firm produces relevant, quality, original content on a consistent basks, you will see an increase in search engine traffic. Other strategies include e-mail marketing, social networking, and attractive web design with WordPress to make your product pages shine and be relevant to both new and existing customers.

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Tips to Effective Marketing Online to Achieve Success

When it comes to your online marketing, you can carry out the work yourself or you can hire affordable search engine optimization service providers to assist you, bearing in mind that this type of marketing requires ongoing work and maintainer, which is very time consuming. There are certain things you can do when it comes to marketing online to achieve success.

The first tip to ensure the effective marketing of your business online and to ensure ongoing success will require that you start a blog. A blog should be informative and provide clients with value. Every blog should be updated on a regular basis, at least once a week, ensuring that there is always something new for readers to read, you don’t want them to forget about you, but rather to be reminded of your business throughout the month so that you are the first name on their lips when needing a product or service that you supply.

The second thing you must do is create social media accounts, such as Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn. Each of these social media accounts will provide you with access to new customers and a much wider audience. Facebook should be updated a minimum of once a day, while Twitter should be updated numerous times throughout the day to ensure that when potential clients go onto their social media account, they see your name. LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool and is used extensively for recruitment as well and is definitely worthwhile having to reach a more corporate audience.

You should consider opening a YouTube account. Vlogs (video blogs) are a wonderful way to connect to a different audience with many clients wanting to see the product for themselves and through an informative video blog, they can find out everything that they need to know, helping them make an informed decision. Of course for you, it helps to see you as an authoritative figure in your industry, which can help you push your way forward in search results, helping you achieve the online success that you are looking to achieve.

In addition to this, make the most of email marketing. When you get new clients, collect their email addresses or give them the opportunity to sign up for an email newsletter, which you can send out weekly or monthly. You can use the newsletter to provide some interesting information on your industry and provide clients with information on new products you have introduced or sales and promotion you have coming up, all with the sole focus of driving more clients to your website on a daily basis.

Join as many online directories as you can. Local SEO has become essential to companies online success and you want to ensure that every director the search engines crawl will have your company details for them to note. This is a tiresome process, so finding a reputable company that can provide you with affordable search engine optimization services is the best way to manage your SEO campaign while ensuring you don’t waste your valuable resources.

The final thing that every affordable search engine optimization service provider will tell you that looking ahead you want to focus on your mobile marketing. Google introduced their algorithm which penalises companies that haven’t embraced the mobile market. Think about it, more and more people are using their smart phones and tablets to search online, but a regular website is difficult to move around on a small screen. Companies who have developed mobile websites are those that are pushing their way to the forefront of their industries online right now.

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Long Tail Pro Keyword Research

If you are a website owner or you spend time writing a blog, one of the things you need to have the most is traffic to your site. You want traffic that comes from different search engines as well.

In order to get traffic to your site you are going to have to have good rankings in the search engines. With all the gazillions of websites these days, getting organic traffic is going to be challenging.

However, there is a tool that is available called Long Trail Pro. This tool has been designed to make it not only easier but faster to get those high rankings.

How Does Long Tail Pro Work?

Long Tail Pro works by finding low competition keywords that will help in getting your website noticed by search engines.

In order to outrank websites in your niche, you are going to need to use appropriate keywords. Making sure you outrank these websites will not only get your more traffic to your site, but you will get more leads that could result in more sales.

One of the good things about Long Tail Pro is that it has been designed to do search engine optimization. These means there are more opportunities for all the search engines to find your site.

How to Use Long Trail Pro

This tool is going to help you save some time in finding appropriate keywords. It is very easy to use.

All you need to do is set up your account in Long Tail Pro. The good news is that this is a web-based application which means you won’t have to install it on your computer.

This is very good since it means you can use the tool anywhere you go whether it is at home, or when you travel.

This tool will allow you to filter the keywords by month, suggested bid and even advertiser competition.

Long Tail Pro Advantages

One of the main advantages is the ability to find lots of keywords in bulk. This will save a lot of time.

It is very easy to use and you will be able to find as many keywords as you need based on the guidelines you set up.

Since this is not a free application, you will pay for the tool either by a monthly or annual payment.

This is a must have tool for any digital marketer.

Are there any Disadvantages?

The only disadvantage is that you will need to pay more if you want to track more keywords. Other than a stable internet because the tool is web-based, there are no other disadvantages that we can find.

Our Recommendation

Long Tail Pro will help you discover thousands of keywords in a short amount of time.

If you are going to rank your site in the search engines, you are going to need to have the right keywords. This is not a guessing game.

Long Tail Pro will help you find the keywords that others might not be using thus helping your site to rank better.

If you are looking to convert traffic into leads or sales, then you are going to want to rank higher in the search engines.

With this method you won’t have to pay for expensive ads to get traffic.

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Why It Pays to Work With a Private Mortgage Broker

One has to be resourceful to invest in real estate. More often than not, coming up with the entire capital investment by themselves is challenging for investors. In addition to the huge financial risk one would carry by investing with 100% of their personal funds, self-funding would limit an investor’s expansion potential. These are the primary reasons why investors are always on the lookout for affordable financing avenues. While new investors may consider their bank to be the best source of affordable capital, private mortgage brokers often outperform their traditional counterparts by miles. Let’s find out what makes private brokers the ideal choice for seasoned investors.

Mortgage brokers work on your behalf
Unlike financial institutions like banks, private brokers work on your behalf. There are dozens of financial products in the market, but the banking official at your bank will only offer their own mortgage products. Your private mortgage broker, on the contrary, has access to multiple lenders and dozens of mortgage products. He would find out the most competitive mortgage for you, and often negotiate different expenses on your behalf.

Brokers are paid by the lenders
Mortgage facilitators partner with multiple lenders on a lender-based compensation model, which means their paycheck comes out of the lender’s pocket. Although some brokers may charge from the clients as well, so make sure to inquire about their charges. Do understand that these charges may vary depending on the local market. For instance, markets with high-value properties have a small percentage fee, 0.50% to 1%, whereas affordable or comparatively cheaper markets might see charges of up to 2.75%.

Mortgage brokers can find loans for investors with less-than-perfect credit score
Stringent lending criteria deprive investors of real estate investing opportunities. Private brokers work with a multitude of lenders, including ones that offer loans to investors with lower credit scores. Additionally, your mortgage broker puts your benefits first, finding lenders with the most competitive rates and best financing structure.

Mortgage brokers are experts of their field
Unlike traditional bank employees, private brokers have a better idea of the local market. They have to remain competitive to survive in the market. When working with a private broker, ask them about their qualifications, and choose accordingly.

Mortgage brokers can save you time and legwork
Real estate investing could be confusing for first-time investors, considering a large amount of paperwork and legwork it takes to process a loan. Mortgage brokers, thanks to their network, can reduce the processing time by working with flexible lenders, or at the least, can do the leg work for you. They are well-versed with the required paperwork, follow-up schedule, and other lending requirements the borrower must fulfill. Having a competitive broker will lower your anxiety and smoothen the entire process.

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Taking a Home Loan? Points to Remember

Everything you need to know before applying for a Home Loan:
Taking a home loan is that one big step which brings you closer to your dream home. Deciding to take a loan could be complicated at times for which you need to prepare yourself before hand and you must be well aware about the terms and conditions. You must understand the loan structure before you apply for the process.

Superbanks gives you the opportunity to choose among 40+ Banks and NBFCs as you deserve the best. Superbanks provides services which makes it much more easier to get your loan without wasting much of your time.

You can easily get door step services while applying for your home loan with minimal paperwork and get your loan approved within 48 hours without any hustle.

Moreover, you can also avail top up at home loan rates.

Here are the key points to remember:
1. Can home loans be transferred to another person?
Yes, but at few terms and conditions are applied, mainly within the family members who are within the capacity to pay. For example, Client A has taken a loan and her father is the co-applicant. Now she is getting married and shifting abroad and her father is not in the condition to repay the loan all by himself, in this case, she can transfer the loan to her brother who is in the capacity to repay the loan keeping their father as the co-applicant.

2. Can home loans be taken jointly?
Yes, it is possible to take home loans jointly but only within the family. For example, Let’s say, there’s one married couple who wants to sanction a loan. Husband earns upto Rs. 50,000/- and wife earns upto 30,000/-

So, now if they wish to apply for a loan they can do so jointly, as through this they can apply for a higher amount of loan and it will get easily sanctioned.

3. Does it require Down Payment?
No, it doesn’t require any down payment. In home loans part payment is done. Let’s say, a person called Aman takes a loan of Rs. 10 Lakh and in the initial year he pays 20% to the bank, then later in the next year he pays 40%, similarly like this he can pay for the loan’s amount in parts.

4. Is property insurance necessary while taking a home loan?
It could not be imposed on an individual, but in few banks it has become mandatory to take a property insurance while taking the loan.

Property insurance ensures that your property is safe and could be recovered if any harm caused. As,banks need to be secured of the money that you have taken from the bank and in this case you need to take good care of your property.

Till date few banks or NBFCs have not made it mandatory to take a property insurance but it is beneficial for you to avoid any concern.

5. How does taking a home loan affects the credit score?
Credit score/cibil score is the foremost important factor while applying for a loan. When you apply for a home loan your cibil score improves as you add 100 points into your credit score and it is always good to have a higher credit score. You have to be sure that you are paying your EMI’s on time to maintain a healthy credit score as it benefits in taking any other loan if and when required.

6. What are the criteria for getting a home loan?
Here are the few criteria by which you can take home loans easily.

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Greed and Fear in the Share Market

Greed and fear rule the markets

“The markets are driven by greed and fear,” is something we are often told by financial commentators; what this essentially means is that fear prevents investors from buying when the share price has reached a low point while greed prevents an investor from selling when the share price is high.

The recent activity concerning the gaming company GameStop is a perfect example of how greed will get the better of a lot of investors. Few will sell for fear of missing out on the continual rise of the stock and will end up losing a lot of their gains + their initial investment when the company’s share price runs its course which it undoubtedly will.

It is a case of investors using their commonsense. It tends to be the young who are attracted to this type of stock; I think probably because the older investors have been there and done that and have gone for a more conservative approach.

Fear also prevents a lot of investors from buying a stock when it’s price has bottomed out so an astute investor can take advantage of these fears by purchasing shares which have dropped in price. It is good for investors to check the share market table in the newspapers and the statistic to note is the high & low price of the year. This will give you an idea of where the stock is at.

If you are investing through an online share platform which allows you to drip feed money into the markets then you could say purchase shares in the same company every two weeks. That way when the share price is down you have at least bought shares at the lower price.

But there are just some stocks where this rule may not be applicable to.


The gaming company GameStop has been in the news a lot lately (January 2021) due to the rising share price and with so many investors jumping on the bandwagon its share price has been inflated well above its true value. It is only a matter of time before its share price slides but who knows when that will be. It is likely that a lot of investors will jump ship hastening its slide.

So is GameStop a short-term, medium-term, or long-term investment?

In my own opinion, it is none of the above; it is more a speculative play where you use your discretionary income. If it comes off that is fine and if the investment turns to custard, well it was money you could afford to lose anyway.

By discretionary income, that is money you would have spent on alcohol, nights out, holidays, the lottery, satellite TV, or whatever; if you lose your money there is no harm done.

The media does not give the full story when they report that someone lost X amount of money on the share market when a company’s share price bottomed out. An investor may have held $1,000 worth of shares in an xyz company but may have only paid $100 for them yet it will be reported that $1,000 was lost.

It is up to investors to do their homework and think and think about what they are doing because at the end of the day it is your money you are playing with.

I cannot stress this enough; do not use the following funds for purchasing shares in GameStop.

*House deposit money

*Money saved up to purchase a car

*Money set aside for your child’s education

*Money set aside for your retirement

*Money set aside for emergencies.

The Games Stop bubble will burst. It has a short life span therefore only purchase shares in this or other similar speculative investments with money you can afford to lose.

After all, you would not go to the Kumara races with the house deposit money.

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Tips for Saving Money While Being Self-Employed

• If you are going to leave a regular wage or salaried job, make sure you have 6 months to a year of living expenses, including at least $1,000 for an emergency fund.

• Amend your monthly and yearly budgets. If you currently do not have any income coming in from your freelance or entrepreneurial gigs, you absolutely must cut costs somewhere. If you have a partner or spouse, review your budget together and formulate personal and combined financial plans. If you live alone and cannot afford to live by yourself at your current residence, either find a roommate or look for a cheaper place to live and then create a new financial plan.

• If you are receiving some type of income during self-employment (inheritance, retirement pensions, disability payments, part-time work, etc.), prioritize mortgage/rental payments, utility bills, insurance, and food bills. Anything left over should be placed in your savings account so you do not spend the rest.

• If possible, pay a year (or two’s) rent or mortgage ahead of time. If finances become tight then you will at least have a roof over your head. Also, look into cheaper, smaller homes, townhouses or apartments, if necessary.

• If you are a renter, look into rental insurance. If you lose anything due to fire, theft or flood, your items can be replaced.

• If you have not done so yet, cut any unnecessary expenses such as cable/ satellite TV, landline phone service, extra cellphones of any kind and magazine subscriptions. However, if you need any of these services, assess what you need as opposed to what you want and shop for cheaper brands or more economical packages.

• Do not unnecessarily run up electricity/gas/oil and water/sewer costs. You want to show due diligence in how you use your home’s utilities.

• Sell your vehicle(s) if you can. Use public transportation, walk or bicycle to your destinations.

• If you must own a credit card, please own one and only one with a low credit limit (less than $2,000, preferably less than $1,000). Use the credit card for large expenses only such as reserving hotel/motel rooms. Always pay your balances in full and on time every month.

• Use cash (preferred) or debit cards for your grocery shopping, entertainment and clothing purchases. You will know that your items will be paid for in full with no interest (or other bills) accruing. Additionally, buying items in bulk such as toilet paper, paper towels and non-perishable food items will save you money and commute time. When you buy perishable food items, purchase only what you need for the time being or freeze them for future use.

• Do not make purchases impulsively. Shop with a list and the budget for that day’s shopping trip. Avoid purchasing items such as lottery and raffle tickets, vending machine items, fundraising group items and fast food from gas stations or convenience stores (All these items cost much more than what you can make from home or regular grocery stores. Plus, games of chance are simply gambling and since you are usually limited on funds to start out your self-employment, you do not want to waste your money, anyway).

• If you are married or living with a domestic partner, use a joint checking account to pay your utility bills and other home expenses. If you are single and living alone, use a separate checking account to pay your bills and home expenses. Ideally, you want to keep these transactions separate so you know your bills will be paid in full and on time.

• If you are married or living with a domestic partner, use separate personal checking and savings accounts for purchases. If you wish to pool funds, in any way, whether for business expenses or bequeathing funds upon the death of a partner/spouse, please obtain all pertinent information in exact detail in writing and with legal counsel to notarize. You want to make sure that in the case of divorce/separation that you receive what is yours.

• Avoid lending money to anyone, unless you absolutely, positively know that the person(s) you are lending to will pay you back. You must be clear with people when you lend money to them that a loan is not a gift.

• Collect any change you receive from shopping or find lost on streets, at bus stops, under your couch, etc… Place the coins in rolls and then either cash them out or deposit into your savings’ account.

• Collect small denomination bills such as $1.00 or $5.00 and amass them until you really need them or deposit them into your savings.

• If you possess a substantial amount of savings (> $10,000) and you are, especially, between the ages of 20-55 years old, you may want to invest that money into mutual funds to grow a form of passive income to build your own retirement.

• Hold a garage or yard sale to have people purchase items from you that you do not need anymore. You will give people stuff that they may need/want and you will earn extra money.

• Sell any memorabilia or collectors’ items in person or over the internet.

• Borrow library materials instead of buying new materials from bookstores. Additionally, look for on-line blogs for information you need.

• Make sure to keep up your health and attend yearly physical check-ups as much as possible. There are self-employed health insurance options available at reasonable prices.

• Limit going out to eat and/or drink to only 1-2X/week or every other week. Preparing, cooking and baking your own meals and snacks costs a mere fraction than the services you pay people to provide you meals.

• Challenge yourself. See how many days or weeks you can go without spending any money on anything except absolute essentials. Better yet, see if you can eliminate mall or on-line shopping.

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Top Tips for Aspiring Independent Brokers

Change is always scary – at least at first. For financial advisors, leaving the safety of the large firms housed in the towering skyscrapers of Wall Street and starting their own consultancy may sound like an overly ambitious and herculean thing to think about. However, many have done it before and there’s no reason for you to not accomplish the same feat. While it’s not a walk in the park, it’s feasible and can be highly rewarding.

The success stories involving breakaway brokers are varied and there’s not one single formula for success. However, financial services recruiters would agree that there are certain tried-and-tested tips, a blueprint or roadmap that brokers can use as a guide en route to independence.

Never Doubt Your Reason for Leaving Your Current Firm

One of the things you need to do is to pinpoint your reason why you want to leave your present wirehouse or brokerage and establish your own advisory practice. The key is to never second guess the reason behind your decision. Many times, consultants decide to leave the nest of their advisory firms and when things go awry, they feel devastated and regret their decision altogether. If and when you decide to be an independent advisor, be 100% resolved on your choice and never question your reason for leaving.

According to the findings of the research group Aite, the most successful independent consultants left their work because of discontent. More than half said they “broke away” because they want to have the control to choose the crème de la crème third party products and 42% said they want more freedom on how to advise their clients. You can tap the expertise of financial advisor recruiters to help you with money matters with your transition from an in-house consultant to running your own practice.

Financial Considerations

According to surveys, the startup cost for an independent brokerage practice is somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000. The final amount will depend on a number of things such as office space, technology and infrastructure, staffing and branding materials. However, you should not see this as an irrecoverable expense, but rather a capital expenditure.

You should also consider how much revenue you’re going to bring in – short-term, mid-term and long-term. According to the Aite Group research mentioned in the previous section, most breakaway brokers retain more than 75% of their clients. This is your short-term income. You also have to decide on a business model – usually a choice between fee-based or commission-based. The good thing is, you don’t necessarily have to choose one over the other. A number of independent advisors employ a hybrid business model wherein they dually perform the roles of a standalone consultant earning a retainer fee and as a representative of an independent brokerage firm earning a commission.

Lifestyle Implications

Lastly, being an independent financial advisor has its implication on your lifestyle. Actually, it’s more on your personal business ethic. As an independent financial consultant, the way you run your practice is 100% up to you. This involves constantly updating your business practices based on new regulations and policies. Likewise, adhering to impartial fiduciary standards is a non-negotiable.

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The Applications of Financial Astrology

The fact that astrology has quantifiable effects on human life has been proven many times and, in the past years, experts have pointed out that the influence of astrology expands not only on a personal level, but also on a professional one. Just like the movements of celestial bodies dominate individuals, they can also influence entire societies and fields such as finance. The practice that is based on this principle is called financial astrology and, like the term suggests, it follows the connection between planets and finance. It became widely known in the first half of the 20th century, when astrologer WD Gann revealed an algorithm that helped him start successful trading actions by basing his decisions on planetary movements. He was a firm believer of the fact that astral energies have a certain influence on the financial and business environment, mainly on investors, brokers and insurance companies, determining their success. Although the views on this practice vary, American pragmatics have embraced Forex astrology, saying that any piece of advice that leads to the optimization of business activities is more than welcome. There is also an institute of financial astrology in Boston and the growing interest in this field has generated considerable amounts of specialized literature that is appreciated by the general readership.

Astro-economics has various applications and traders use this practice in multiple actions. The main application is the one of determining major economic trends and it stems from the cycle of planets. Economy tends to follow similar major cycles, in the same way as history repeats itself. By offering a global perspective, astrologers can foresee the evolution or crisis of the economy, sometimes years before analysts can see it coming. One of the most notable examples in this regard is Evangeline Adams, who warned stock brokers of the economic crisis before everyone else.

It is common knowledge that one of the most difficult things about trading is determining the ideal time and place to invest. In this regard, astro-economics is said to be quite accurate, helping traders identify the most profitable stocks and the best time to invest in them. Finance astrology can be linked to complex philosophical concepts such as the nature of time, which is why specialized literature often expands the topics and offers more than economy lessons. In other words, this practice interacts with many other topics apart from economy and focuses a global, all-encompassing view of market trends.

It is not the mission of astro-economics to demolish long-standing trading principles or make brokers give up what they have learned from other sources. On the contrary, this practice encourages a multi-disciplinary approach and advises traders to take into account as many factors as possible when taking decisions in Forex actions. Although specialized books offer useful details about trading, they are not written only for the use of traders and bankers. On the contrary, everyone can invest in them if they want to know more astrology and the way it can influence human life on a global scale.

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How Closing A Credit Card Affects Your Credit Score

When it comes to the best ways to increase your credit score, there’s a lot of information (and misinformation) floating around out there about it. For example, many people falsely assume that closing a credit account will automatically increase their score. This could not be farther from the truth. In fact, in most cases, closing a credit account will put a ding in your score. Here’s why:

1. It will affect your revolving credit utilization rate.

Your utilization rate is the percentage of available credit you use across all of your credit card accounts. This utilization rate will change if and when you close an account. Those changes could have a negative impact on your score, especially because the utilization rate is part of the formula used to calculate your FICO credit score (30% of it).

2. It will remove lengthy credit history you have built.

15% of your FICO credit score comes from the length of your credit history. This means that the longer you have had credit, the better. If the card you are removing is one of your oldest accounts, you can expect removing it to cause a significant ding in your credit score. On the other hand, you won’t need to worry about decreasing your score as much if the account you’re planning on closing isn’t the oldest.

3. It could remove an important type of credit from the credit mix.

The mix of your credit accounts comprises 10% of your FICO credit score. This means that ideally, you should have at least one of each of the different types of credit accounts available showing up on your credit report: a revolving account, an installment account, and an open account.

An account that does not have to be paid in full each month and whose payment can vary each month is called a revolving account. Credit cards (whether bank issued or non-bank issued), or home equity lines of credit are all examples of this kind of account.

An account that requires a fixed monthly payment for a fixed amount of time is called an installment account. Examples of installment accounts include a mortgage, a car loan, a student loan, a home equity loan, or a signature loan.

When account that has no “line of credit” and must be paid in full each month, it is called an open account. Because this type of account still shows up on your credit report, you’ll have to be punctual and exact in paying them in order to maintain good credit. A cell phone account, utility accounts, and cable or satellite TV are all examples of open accounts.

A Better Alternative

Instead of closing your credit card, the best way to increase your credit score is to pay off the credit card and leave it open as a revolving account. In addition to keeping an older account on your credit report and adding to the “mix” of available credit that you have, this strategy also gives you a more favorable utilization rate.

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